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The Quilted: Women Weaving Stories

  • MICA Fred Lazarus IV Center 131 West North Avenue Baltimore, MD, 21201 United States (map)

The Flourishing Blossoms Society for Girls, Inc. is hosting a 3-part writing workshop, designed to create a safe space for girls and women to share and make connections through their narratives. There will be a youth workshop, for girls ages 12 + up, led by educator and author, Ashley Williams and educator, Carissa Harrison. The adult workshop will be led by educator and author, Valencia D. Clay and writer, Ajolique Jude. These breakout sessions will happen simultaneously. After a brief break, girls and women will come together for a story sharing session.

The writing session will transcend beyond paper and pen as we take our narratives and create a physical representation of our connected stories. Please join us to collectively weave and give power to our stories. Tickets can be purchased here.

Workshop Facilitators:

  • Ashley Lee Williams imagines, worships and explores. Her fiction has appeared in multiple literary journals. She is the author of, “A Course in Gratitude,” as well as the novel, “Some Grace.” Ashley entered the field of education in 2006. Since then, she’s served as an assistant teacher, teacher and member of the school leadership team. She has written socio-emotional curriculums for schools and non-profits, staff and students. She also wrote and implemented a school-wide mindfulness curriculum. She is a Board Member and Mindfulness Curriculum Developer for the Flourishing Blossoms Society For Girls, Inc.
  • Carissa Harrison is an educator and leader. Her belief in global education has encouraged her former students in China, Chicago, and D.C. to feed their curiosity about the world through literary art. Carissa’s passion for traveling, art, and creative writing has inspired her to author multicultural books for early readers. She hopes to develop globally competent learners who have an appreciation for diversity by sharing images of the world through narration and illustration. When she is not capturing stories through her camera lens and in her journal, Carissa is planning her next adventure around the world.
  • Valencia D. Clay is an 8th grade Humanities teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. She prompts students to analyze racial matters from a critical stance. Her work in the classroom has led her to students to be the published authors of "Broken Keys Don't Unlock Doors," an anthology of essays and reflections about their perspective on urban education. Their book and her first book, Soundless Cries Don’t Lead to Healing: A Critical Thinking Guide to Cultural Consciousness, are both true forms of activism. View her musings on her blog, ValenciasGarden.com, and on Instagram, where she promotes literacy and self-education as a form of freedom from oppression.
  • Ajolique Jude is a writer and poet from Washington, DC who uses poetry and storytelling to explore voices on the margins, forgotten phenomena, and human truths. As someone who has fought for her voice and the space to be heard, Ajolique views poetry as an exploratory retreat into her interactions with the world as Black woman. Her debut collection of poetry and prose, Becoming Enough, will be released in June 2018. The collection explores the duality of becoming and unbecoming, touching on topics of loss, womanhood, identity, and healing.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the Flourishing Blossoms Society for Girls, Inc. and our upcoming service and learning trip to the Dominican Republic.